One of the most common excuses keeping people from starting an exercise program and getting into shape is lack of time. Getting started on a new training program involves a lifestyle change, which can take some getting used to. With proper planning and a well-designed exercise and diet program, you can seamlessly incorporate exercise into your current lifestyle without compromising your free time or your busy work schedule. Here are some useful tips to help you get organized and start losing weight:


Three workouts per week is the minimum commitment you will need in order to see visible results. One day a week isn’t enough and two days a week could be good if you are simply looking to maintain.


Pick a specific time during the day to work out and stick to that each day. This will help establish a solid routine, which will create the perfect environment for weight loss. Mornings are usually best so that you can get it done without any distractions.


Modify your current lifestyle to accommodate your new workout habits. For example, if you are loyal to a particular show in the evenings, plan your workout to be performed on a machine in front of a TV so you don’t feel as though you have missed anything.


Depending on the workout that you are getting ready to do, planning ahead can really help maximize your workout efficiency. Little things, like making sure you have air in your tires before a bike ride, having clean workout clothes ready to go, getting all of the junk off the treadmill or making sure all of your free weights are ready. By the time you’re finally ready to work out, the last thing you want is an equipment malfunction.

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