Soon the pool party invitations will start rolling in and you will want to be in your best shape when you show up with towel in hand. If you want to shape up for the summer and turn heads then you need to follow a diet and exercise program. Having some structure in your diet will not only help to regulate your caloric intake, but also help you operate at your best. Download our 5-day meal plan program and it will provide you with the tools you need to eat right and help you lose weight so that you can look your best this summer.


Top Weight Loss Diet Tips:

  • Don’t skip meals: This triggers a hunger response and can cause your metabolism to slow down.
  • Eat lean sources of protein: Choosing turkey and fish will help to cut calories and fat intake.
  • Read all food labels: Know exactly how many calories are in a serving size.
  • Use less salt: Cut down on high-sodium foods.
  • Substitute cream and sugar: Use low-fat milk and sweetener.
  • Control your portion sizes: A serving of meat should be approximately 4 oz.
  • Eat slower: You’ll feel full faster and you’ll enjoy your food more.
  • Always prepare a grocery list: This will help you stay focused and avoid temptation at the grocery store.

You now have the tools you need to shape up in time for your next summer pool party. Do your best to stick to a diet and exercise plan and avoid temptation whenever possible. The confidence you have when you step out into the sun by the pool for the first time will make all that hard work worthwhile.

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