3 Simple Steps That Will Make Healthy Eating On the Go Easy!

We’ll show you how to avert each potential diet-disaster scenario throughout your day by making choices that’ll help you reach your slim-down goals.

Twenty-four. That is the same number of hours a healthy person has in a day as a person who makes unhealthy choices. The main difference is that one makes healthy choices a priority and uses her time wisely to keep her weight loss plan on track, while the other often makes excuses for not being able to eat healthily.

How often do you mean to pack your lunch or prepare a healthy meal after a long day of work but just don’t have the time? Do you find yourself relying on fast-food meals more often than you’d like? With the busy lifestyles that most people lead these days it’s hard for healthy eating on the go. It’s often difficult to have a quick meal without relying on fast food or prepackaged frozen dinners. However, the problem is that these choices will do little to help you reach your weight loss goals. The best way to reach your goals is to exercise regularly and stay on top of your nutrition plan. You have the power to choose and we can help. Let’s get started with our healthy eating on the go tips.

Slim-Down Buster #1

You wake up late and have no time to prepare breakfast.

Step #1 – Starting each day with a balanced breakfast is an important part of your shape-up plan. For those mornings when you’re rushed and don’t have time to prepare something, pick one of these healthy meals on the go. Try a bowl of whole-grain cereal with skim milk and a piece of fruit or low-fat cottage cheese with fruit. At least try to grab something such as a balanced protein bar on the way out the door to prevent those pesky cravings from creeping up on you later on.

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Slim-Down Buster #2

It’s lunchtime, you’re hungry, and you need to grab something quick, so you rely on one of the fast-food chains downstairs.

Step #2 – Instead of rushing downstairs and grabbing your lunch from the food court, pack a healthy meal on the go such as tuna on a whole-wheat pita and veggies to bring to work. For those days when takeout is your only option, choose healthier choices such as a grilled chicken breast with a salad (dressing on the side).

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Whether you bring your lunch or grab a healthy alternative from a takeout restaurant, ensure that you consume a balanced meal with a high-quality protein source, a moderate amount of complex carbohydrates, and a source of good fats.

Slim-Down Buster #3

You just got home from work and are starving. Looks like it’s time to order takeout.

Step #3 – Instead of relying on takeout food or going out for dinner, which could jeopardize your weight loss plan, try to set aside one day a week to prepare some of your meals ahead of time so you can simply heat them up and enjoy, rather than stressing about preparing meals or choosing not-so-healthy options. Check out our collection of quick, easy, and low-cal recipe options for some healthy dinner alternatives.

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Try adding these simple yet effective tips to your slim-down plan, and in no time, you’ll have the energy you need to get through your hectic day.

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