Sometimes life just gets in the way when you are trying to follow a structured eating plan. Outlined below are three common make-or-break moments plus simple solutions to make sure they do not hinder your weight loss goals!

Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It refuels your body and provides a boost to your metabolism. By skipping this meal, not only do you miss the chance to jump-start your metabolism, but your hunger will accumulate throughout the day and could potentially lead to overindulging later on. In order to avoid this disaster, plan your breakfast the night before. If your day gets off to a hectic start, just mix some fresh fruit, low-fat yogurt and ice in a blender for a nutritious morning shake.

Surprise Group Lunch

Finding out that it’s your coworker’s birthday at the last minute can spell tragedy for your diet. You probably won’t have a say where you eat and chances are that the guest of honor will choose a restaurant that offers many tempting, high-calorie meals. No matter where you go, there are always healthier options available. Some restaurants will even accommodate a request that’s not on the menu so don’t be afraid to ask. Avoid high-fat, high-calorie dishes, ask for your dressing on the side, opt for open-faced sandwiches or a salad with chicken, and hold the cheese.

Feeling Lazy After Work

After a long day, the idea of sitting on the couch and watching your favorite show seems much more appealing than doing anything that requires physical activity. You could easily convince yourself to make up for it the next day. Instead, plan your exercises into your day, just like you would a doctor’s appointment. Make a point to hit the gym after work before coming home. It is much harder to motivate yourself once you settle down on the couch.

By identifying potential obstacles in advance, you can help avoid a weight loss catastrophe. Remember that if you want to reach your goals, plan ahead. Do whatever it takes to make sure you never miss a meal or a workout and the results you see should motivate you to stay on track.

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